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Adler's Hardware
Yes, we love our fancy Design Center, but we were first, and are still, a Hardware Store. Which is to say, we have by no means forgotten that we all need to buy light bulbs on occasion. So, we have lots of those, as well as nuts 'n' bolts, screws, light switches, toilet flanges, screen repair kits, duct tape, flashlights, picture-hanging stuff...even one of those funny little doo-hickeys you don't know the name of... we have a whole buch of 'em. Even better, incredibly, we know where all this stuff is! Just ask.
Wait, it gets even better. We also offer a wide selection of decorative hardware. If you need that special something, perhaps a door knocker shaped like a fish or a cool retro drawer-pull...we can find it for you. Come in and ask our resident hardware guru, Marc Adler, about all your many options for door and cabinet hardware and bath accesories. A doorbell that plays "God Bless America"? Uhhmm...maybe? Really? Ask him.