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Adler's uniqueness is a product of the personalities of our passionate staff. Here are a some of their favourite things that can be found in our store.
C2's Cabinet, Trim & Floor Paint

It's a very special blend of C2 Paint mixed with Vermont Natural Coatings clear. The Vermont Natural Coatings product is made with recycled whey, (as in curds & whey) which gives it it's incredible hardness. It's the closest thing to oil based paint, but totally eco-friendly. It's a satin sheen, and available in any color!

Harry's Fave

1970 "Encyclopedia of Dogs"

This book that sits on the counter in the paint department. Our customers love their dogs, and find great delight in looking through this book while waiting for their paint.

Christine's Fave

Miele Vacuums

It's a pleasure to sell Miele vacuums because they are of such high quality. Designed to last 15-20 years the vacuums are powerful, quiet, lightweight and extremely reliable. Owners love them. And our prices are competitive with the internet because we don't sell in a vacuum.

Marc's Fave

Lodge Logic Cookware

Esther Adler, called Nan by the family, had a great big cast iron fry pan that she loved to use. The reasons why she and others for over 2,000 years have use cast iron cookware include:

• Cast iron cookware can cook and maintain very high cooking temperatures.

• It is cast from a single piece of metal providing an even distribution of heat. It can easily go from the stovetop to the oven.

• Cast iron cookware can leach significant amount of dietary iron into food.

• It is seasoned at the factory so that it is non-stick.

• If it's good enough for Grandma it's good enough for me.

Nan's Fave